Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest Blog: A Peak Inside My Cluttered Mind

Here I am again, STRESSED OUT, hoping that someone somewhere will give me the secret to living a stress-free life. (By all means, please continue to search and if you find the secret, share it with the rest of us.) Most of us encounter stress every day in some form or fashion. Those of us that are lucky have learned techniques to help deal with them. I am happy to share yet another way to help, and hopefully make your day a little brighter.


Keep that tension headache away. Stretch and let it loose, right at your desk.

This is a simple behind-the-back stretch. You can do it sitting or standing. If you're going to sit, make sure you have a chair with backing that comes halfway up your back.

Hook your arms over the back of the chair and pull your shoulder blades together (if you're standing, assume the military position: Head up, shoulders back, and stomach tight). As you do this, make sure you stick your chest out.

This is so important that I want you to exaggerate a little (and make sure you keep your head up, too).

Now pull your shoulder blades together until you feel a pull in your shoulder joints. Don't go overboard - you don't want to cause any pain.

I want you to hold it for three full minutes (Don't cheat and quit early because the length of this stretch is very important). Then slowly release the stretch.

I suggest you take breaks throughout the day to perform this stretch (maybe every hour or so). It will help a lot!
by Beverly Lopez, Contributor


  1. I like this technique, but then the phone rings and I am a ball of nerves all over again.

  2. It is precisely for these 5 minute breaks that Voice Mail and co-workers were made for :) Take your five, even the person calling will prefer a happier you.