Friday, March 2, 2012

Guest Blog: A Peak Inside My Cluttered Mind

For those of you still stressing out over the stress of your life... here are a few ways to help prepare for those times that you just know are going to be STRESSFUL.

1. Visualize the event the day before - Mentally run through (like a movie) all the possible scenarios for what could happen, visualizing your reaction to each, that way if the worst does happen, you already have an appropriate response thought out.

2. Address the most urgent need first - It's always going to get a bit crazy, but if you prioritize as you go, you will stay one step ahead of the game and the decisions that have to be made won't be a game stopped, but will just be another part of the day's activities.

3. Listen- You have to be flexible and pay attention what people are saying. Often the group mind is more intelligent that any one perspective (including yours).

4. Know when to take a breather - When you are on a deadline, the initial reaction is to RUSH to ensure you get it done. Sometimes, taking a break can actually help improve the results (fewer mistakes made) while still making that deadline.

5. Block out anything unnecessary - Most of my pressure-filled moments come when big news breaks. On these days, there is so much information to consider that you can't process it fast enough to react appropriately. Knowing that you have other people as a backup will help make you more secure and confident to make those informed decisions. Most of the time making the right decision is more important that making that fast decision. Life offers no do-overs.

Here's to living la viva calmly!

by Beverly Lopez, contributor

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