Tuesday, December 27, 2011

R.A.K.E. - Redmann's Acts of Kindness Everywhere

As I'm sure most of you did as well, I stayed up extra late last night to watch Drew Brees break Dan Marino's 27-year old record for most passing yards in an NFL season. It was a wonderful moment made all the more special for how much love and gratitude we have for Brees. It's an uncommon amount of love and gratitude for a city to have for an athlete, borne not just from his being the best player the Saints have ever had, but from his tireless efforts at giving back to his community.

Brees uses his energy and resources to do good for his fellow man; he's somebody whose example we should all follow. My office, the Law Office of John Redmann, has been working toward starting a community outreach program that we're going to call Redmann's Acts of Kindness Everywhere, or R.A.K.E. It's a very exciting time for us, and we have all kinds of great ideas to engage with and improve our community.

There will be much more information about R.A.K.E. coming out soon, but for now, I'd like some input from you. If you have a minute or so, please leave a comment on this page telling us some kind of volunteer work or charitable activity that you do, have done, or want to do in the future; or, you could give an example of a person you know who does community outreach work that you admire, and tell us why.

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  1. I know first hand that people in nursing homes are very lonely and don't get a ton of visitors. It makes their day just to have a 10 minute conversation with someone that will listen. For real.

  2. I befriended a homeless man named Kindle a few years back. He was very sweet, never asked for anything and would just tell me to have a nice day when I would pass on my way to work. This inspired me to start buying him lunch a few times a week, which lead to me sitting and eating with him and getting to know him. He said the only thing preventing him from working was a surgery he needed, so I raised money for him and a hospital that would do the operation for free. The whole thing didn't pan out the way I had hoped, but being his friend enriched my life and his. I'd like to do that again one day.

  3. My son is in the Army now and it's made me realize all the sacrifices our young men, women and their families make for this country to stay free. It's tremendous. I love supporting the Wounded Warriors Project or Soldier's Angel's. Any organization helping our military and their families. I give financially but would would love to volunteer at some of the events.

  4. I foster and rescue animals , which is very dear to my heart pets bring
    So much to our lives. They also are sometimes
    The only love and companionship for many people
    Young and old and to the sick.
    Also attending dinners are feastivals where you
    Can have silent auctions to raise money for
    Different causes there are so many. You can
    Also have auctions on line to raise money for the
    Cause near and dear to your heart.

  5. Way to go, Laci! My husband is active Army and just came home from deployment. There are so many military spouses who go through serious struggles while their mate is away. I'd love to know what could be done for families of deployed soldiers. Also, I agree with the nursing home comment. I would love to get a group of gamers together to go and play cards or board games with people in nursing facilities whether young or old. Also, maybe there is a way to bring lonely pets and lonely people together... Just some thoughts...

  6. My husband and I are sponsoring students in the Philippines. We have been doing this for a long time now. We also sponsored one student here who is a member of our church-Seventh-day Adventist. Small act of kindness will go a long long way.

  7. Please keep your ideas coming. The RAKE staff is compiling a great list of "good will deeds" to jump start the new year. :) With the help of the community, every small act will become one great kindness.

  8. I volunteered with the Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation, working an educational booth on wetland loss at events (like a bass fishing show). Local humanitarian/social efforts and projects to restore the city's infrastructure aren't sustainable if the area is submerged.

    Louisiana isn't the "boot" we imagine.


    Save our city. Save our coast.

    The Army Corps of Engineers has recognized the Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation's Multiple Lines of Defense Strategy.


    If I were to start an acts of kindness program, I'd be sponsoring cypress tree replenishment efforts. That, and I'd support the consumption of nutria meat..

  9. I think all of these are wonderful ideas. Personally, I'm a big fan of Habitat for Humanity, because it is fun to do and extremely rewarding to see a family have a brand new home. Whether picking up trash, visiting the elderly, or reading to children, any volunteering makes our community a better place!!

  10. I am so happy to see such a wonderful response. My only question is, Are you guys ready for action? Ideas that are not executed are not really that helpful. Please send your contact information to Mr. Redmann if you are interested in joining our community efforts. We love our city and the people in it.