Friday, July 22, 2011

Legal and Illegal Gambling in Louisiana

My associate Patrick Sanders and I have put together an article that explains the various legal and illegal forms of gambling in the state of Louisiana.  It's a very interesting and informative read, and you can view it HERE or by visiting our official website.


  1. are football pools legal in louisiana ?

  2. Thanks for your question! We're researching and will have an answer for you as soon as possible.

  3. Football pools are considered a form of "social gambling" which is legal in Louisiana as long as nobody takes a "cut" or fee from managing the transaction, other than giving awards to the rightful winner. In order to make sure your football pool is in compliance with state law and federal tax law, I would recommend you take the following steps: (1) don't take a cut; (2) distribute all the money brought in from the pool; (3) make sure everyone participating in the pool is over the age of 21; (4) make sure everyone is on equal terms; (5) don't set up a special website that you are accepting money from people for the football pool; (6) keep the number of people and cost reasonable -- don't offer any award that exceeds $600 as this would require the award to be reported to the I.R.S. for tax purposes.

    People engage in football pools every football season and in every state. These pools are legal in most states, including Louisiana -- just make sure you're in it for fun and the chance for a few dollars and not for profit.

    Thanks for your question and for reading!
    -Patrick Sanders
    Associate, Law Office of John Redmann

    1. if a bar is connected to a casino can you still do football pools in bar only?