Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guest Blog: A Peak Inside My Cluttered Mind

Relieve Short-Term Stress With Digital Rage!

Ever wanted to RAGE against the world, against those unknowable forces that cause traffic jams, against that crying baby interrupting your romantic dinner, against the neighbor's dogs that never bark until it's 3AM and you have work in the morning...

Well, with all the digital outlets available, it is possible to relieve some of those short-term stress creators (in 140 or fewer characters). Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, and many others can be a venue for non-confrontational BLASTS of RAGE directed at no one in particular that still get that irritation off your chest (And, hopefully, your mind.).

Everyone has experienced at least one of those OMG! ARRGHHH! moments that, if left to fester, create unnecessary stress. Just 30 mere seconds of UGHH!! can lead to an entire day of :(. Why even bother? Why not just throw it up there on your timeline and move on with your life? The non-disclosure of "sub-Tweet" lets you state your piece without directly affecting the emotional balance of those around you. (If it does, the term 'guilty conscience' comes to mind - but whatever to that) 

#RageRelief - After all, your anger is likely to last no longer than 140 characters anyway. So take those little irritations that life throws your way, rage against the world, and carry on to Pleasantville with the rest of us.

by Beverly Lopez, Contributor

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